Barry Mitchell with 

Hello FCM Potential Attendees for the
 Barry Mitchell Workshop

Barry has a VERY VERY limited amount of props he can get on the plane to CA. In addition, he will be at the KAX conference before our workshop so there is a chance he will be sold out of an item you might want. He has asked that I contact you to let him know NOW if there is a specific item you KNOW you want. Otherwise, he may be sold out before he gets to us. 

Please contact him directly with your questions and needs.

His website is

ONE NIGHT ONLY - Monday, January 28, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Highland Park Christian Church in the main church building.


This is a "Magicians/Performers/Minsters Only" lecture.

Barry's lecture will begin PROMPTLY at 7:00 pm in the main church building (it's the big red brick building - you can't miss it).  The LECTURE IS FREE to ALL ATTENDING!  This is our gift, (The LAFCM), to you.  

Barry is planning an evening of inspiration and fun for magicians, storytellers and all those who love to share the gospel with object lessons. 

He will treat us to many GREAT ideas.  He will be covering magic that makes them say, “Wow,” and scratch their heads with a “How?”  There is storytelling that is both magical and inspirational. 

There are Do It Yourself suggestions for performers.  You will enjoy using ordinary objects in YOUR ministry to make YOUR presentation better for your audiences.  Also, Barry will explain a little bit about his SmileMakerStudio and WHY you WANT to be a member.  

Finally, Barry will have GREAT props/DVDs/Books/etc. for purchase.  Come and be amazed and take YOUR presentation to the next level!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Barry in LA. He won’t be back any time soon.


Barry will also be providing a few specials treats for each performer attendee.


Parking CAN be a bit challenging.  There is LIMITED space in the church parking lot, behind the big white house.  SLOWLY drive up and around the large driveway to get to the lot up above.  PLEASE DRIVE VERY SLOWLY!  FOLKS WILL BE WALKING IN THE DRIVEWAY TO THE CHURCH AND CHAPEL FROM 6-7 PM.
If the parking lot is full, then please park in the street.  Additional parking in the public park parking lot is available about 1/2 block down South Avenue 49.


Some of our awesome ladies in the club will provide sandwiches, sides (chips, coleslaw, etc) and some great deserts.  

For anyone that wants to enjoy a light dinner with us in the chapel.  The chapel is located in the Big White House, around the back.  We ask for a suggest $5 donation to help offset the cost of the food and PLEASE RSVP by Wednesday, January 23 to Harvey Simpson (323) 628-6611 via voice or text so that we can prepare and provide enough food.

Following the dinner, we will walk down to the church main building to enjoy Barry's lecture.


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